Reddit Has One Genius Tip for Wedding Detail Shots

Reddit is always full of interesting stories, half-baked ideas, questionable pictures, and sometimes, fantastic advice. Redditor u/caroline_ross shares her secret to unique and vibrant detail shots at weddings. And it’s surprisingly simple!

Use a bridesmaid’s dress as the backdrop.

That’s it!

Here’s how she lays out her shots.


Looks pretty sloppy, right? But when you crop in close, the result is magic.


Isolating one item, such as the shoes, on a dress or veil, can also have the effect of nestling  them in a bundle of luscious color and texture.

41ih5g3Bonus tip: use the buttons on a dress to prop up the rings for unique ring shots!

86qB4iRYou can check out more of Caroline Ross’s work at her website.

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